The End Of Capitalism???

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 09-22-2015

LiveFreeFM Ep. 009
Are we watching the end of capitalism? Is a socialist utopia right around the corner? Discovery Channel seems to think so. This week, Drew Sample joins me to tear apart a video from one of Discovery Channel's youtube channels, in which they proclaim that capitalism is coming to an end. They use Uber and Air B and B as examples of why sharing is the future and capitalism is the past. But is this the case? I don't think they are being honest in their definitions, and Drew has some problems with their claims, as well. We make the case that technology is not a threat to laissez faire economics. Rather, it is the great equalizer hat is bringing us back to a healthier form of capitalism. Prepare to have your Jimmies rustled.

Drew's website can be found at TheSampleHour

Keywords: capitalism property rights small business entrepreneurs micro-preneurs uber sharing economy robots took our jobs

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