What Is Your Social Credit Score

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 12-30-2015

LiveFreeFM Episode 017

What if government found a way to turn being an obedient citizen into a game? Well, it's finally happened. China has rolled out its new Sesame credit score, and it's just a little bit past creepy.

Imagine a digital rewards ranking system that gives you real world bonuses based upon how patriotic you were. And took away points for speaking your mind or being friends with people who spoke their mind. Well, imagine no more. It's here.

I break down why this is so disturbing, in the first half hour of the show. In the second, I switch gears and discuss some current events in politics.

Seams like every single bit of news these days is aimed at getting us to hate and fear people that we don't relate with. Fox wants us to hate and fear the immigrants. Pretty much every other news outlet wants us to hate and fear the rich. And the answer is always the same. More taxes and bigger government.

When all you want is to leave people alone and be left alone, yourself, it's quite a maddening state of affairs. Divide and concur seems to be in full swing, this election cycle.

All this, and some commercials. LiveFreeFM!!!!!

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