Secrets of the Alternative Media

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 12-04-2015

LiveFreeFM Episode 0015

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite alternative media outlets? Well, you might be surprised. This week, I have Chris and Sheree Geo on and we talk about all the crazy stuff we've seen in our respective podcasting journeys. What we have seen and experienced will make you rethink everything you know about alt. media.

Speaking for myself, I've seen some shady activities perpetrated by some people that you would never assume. I talk about some of the downright lies that get sold as truths on the airwaves, and how I have even participated in these lies, at one point in time. All is not as it seems in the alternative media scene.

Some of the things you hear in this episode will make you question the motives of your favorite "truth" media hosts, and rightly so. Prepare to have your illusions shattered!!! (ok, that may be a little overhyped, but you will probably hear some things that will shock you.)

Chris and Sheree's network can be found at Truth Frequency Radio.

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